Acleara is a revolutionary new acne treatment machine that cleans your pores of oils and dead cells, and kills acne bacteria. The Acleara system and inserts are shown below:

The Acleara system
The Acleara inserts

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Where do pimples come from?

485768100790Your skin is has tiny holes called pores. These pores are the openings of oil glands and hair follicles located under the skin. These glands, known as Sebaceous Glands, produce an oily liquid called Sebum, which lubricates your hair and skin. The Sebum travels up from the glands, along the hair shaft, to the surface of the skin. When your body produces an excess amount of Sebum, a poorer quality Sebum is produced which is stickier. Consequently, Sebum build-up occurs inside in the hair follicle, causing the follicle to become plugged. Once plugged, the follicle creates an excellent environment for bacteria to thrive, resulting in inflammation. This inflamed hair follicle is more commonly known as a pimple.

What makes the Acleara System so effective in the treatment of acne?

A vacuum is used to elevate and open the Sebaceous gland, and to suck out the sticky Sebum. This is followed by a light pulse which kills the acne causing bacteria. By doing this, Acleara effectively opens up the clogged pores, reduces over activity of the Sebaceous gland and immediately reduces redness.

The images sequence below shows the Acleara system in action:

Step 1: The Acleara head is placed over the inflamed hair follicle (pimple).
Step 2: Using its highly effective vacuum technology, the Acleara system sucks the excess Sebum out of the follicle after dislodging the plug.
Step 3: The blue light is pulsed onto the inflamed follicle, killing the bacteria and heat shocking the Sebaceous gland to reduce its Sebum production.
Step 4: Removal of the obstruction in the follicular canal allows the skin to normalize.

How long before I see results?

Your skin will not be immediately clear after one Acleara session, but there is an immediate improvement in the condition of your skin after each session. In order to longer lasting results, you will need a minimum of 6 treatments, spaced one week apart. This still makes Acleara the most effective means of clearing your skin, with the closest conventional form of acne treatment taking up to 2-3 months before seeing any results.

What about side effects?

The Acleara treatment is also one of the few acne treatments that have absolutely no side effects, except maybe the slight redness immediately after the treatment. This redness goes away in a few hours. Acleara can be used with any of your current acne medication, oral as well as topical.

Is the Acleara treatment painless?

Patient will experience slight discomfort caused by the vacuum action of the Acleara system, but no pain.                                                

Why is it so important to finish my Acleara course?

By cutting the course short, you are giving the acne bacteria a chance to multiply again. This result in your acne coming back as bad as it was before you started the treatment. The 6 week minimum prescribed treatment course has been designed to ensure that maximum benefit is achieved to clear your skin.

What happens after I have completed my full course of Acleara treatments?

Patients who have finished their full course of Acleara treatments (6 treatments) only need to come back to see us for follow treatments once a month or less often. We also suggest patients purchase the following products from the Eucerine Dermo-Purifier range for maintenance during and after the Acleara treatment course: Eucerin Dermo-Purifier Cleansing Gel, Eucerin Dermo-Purifier Hydrating Care, Eucerin Dermo-Purifier Active Night Care and Eucerin Dermo-Purifier Active Concentrate.

When can I make an appointment?

Call us today on 0217974294, or email us on and we will call you back.

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Debunking some myths about Acne: True or False?

Q: Washing your face can in fact make acne worse?

Answer: TRUE! While it is good to keep your face clean, over washing can cause more pimples. As oil is washed away from the surface of the skin, the oil producing glands are stimulated to produce more oil. The oil produced by the oil producing glands in acne is sticky and therefore blocks pores. The blocked pores become acne precursors.

Q: Having a few pimples does not mean I have acne?

ANSWER:  FALSE: There are degrees of acne ranging from mild (occasional pimple, blackhead or whitehead), to moderate, severe and very severe. Mild acne is treated differently to more severe forms of acne, and can often be controlled with the correct topical therapy.

Q: Eating chocolate gives you acne?

ANSWER: FALSE: there is no scientific evidence to support that specific foods cause acne. It has been suggested that foods with a high glycaemic index such as sugar, as well as dairy can aggravate acne. Seeing chocolate contains sugar and dairy, it might be that eating large amounts of chocolate could aggravate pre-existing acne

Q: Drinking lots of water improves acne?

ANSWER: FALSE: Drinking water has no effect whatsoever on acne. In fact excessive water drinking is dangerous and should be discouraged.

Q: Tanning your face can improve acne?

ANSWER: TRUE: Tanning ones face can sometimes improve acne but can occasionally also worsen acne. In any case, there is NO place for tanning ones face to improve acne because of the sun damage caused. There are many much more effective ways of treating acne.

All acne treatments have side effects?

ANSWER: FALSE: Topical creams can cause burning, itching and dryness. Medication taken orally can also have multitude of side effects such as nausea, mood changes, weight gain, to name but a few. The only treatment that is side effect free is ACLEARA, a new technology that treats acne mechanically by extracting the pimple with a vacuum device, followed by heat shocking the oil producing gland and killing the acne bacteria with a pulse of light.

Q: Applying sunscreen on your face can cause acne?

ANSWER: FALSE: There are many sunscreens available that are non-greasy, oil free and non comedogenic, and can safely be applied to acne skin. One should avoid very greasy creams which might block pores.

Q: Smoking does not affect acne?

ANSWER: FALSE: Smoking definitely worsens acne and should be avoided. It’s bad for one’s health generally, so best to avoid completely.