Our treatments:

Acne Treatment with ACLEARA

ACLEARA is a revolutionary new acne treatment machine that cleans your pores of oils and dead skin cells, and kills acne bacteria. The effects of the treatment are immediately noticeable. Read more about Acleara and the causes of acne here.    View ACLEARA on YouTube

Advanced Skin Stimulation with DERMAPEN

The DERMAPEN’s advanced skin needling technology stimulates collagen formation to tighten and rejuvenate skin for long lasting effects. The treatment focus is on the reduction of acne scarring, stretch marks and the treatment of sun damaged skin. Read all about the Dermapen Micor Needling treatment here.

Silk Peel Treatment

Silk Peel treatment works best for improving conditions on the surface of the skin, such as shallow acne marks, early signs of photo-aging, fine lines, dull skin, brown spots, pigmentation and age spots.  The treatment works on all skin types and causes no skin scarring or colour change. Read more about Silk Peel here.

PDT Treatment Information

Read all about the Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) here and download information here. PLEASE NOTE: All patients having their PDT treatment at DERMA CLINIC are required to have read this information before having their treatment.  Download the PDT Photographic Sequence here for visual information on the effects of PDT.

Vitiligo Treatment

Read more about Vitiligo treatment with the Excimer Lamp here.