Who is behind Derma Clinic?

Over the 25 years that Dr Ilsa Orrey has been practicing as a dermatologist in Cape Town, she has seen countless patients, young and old, whose damaged skin has had a negative effect on their self-esteem and appearance. With this in mind, she decided to form DERMA CLINIC: a medical skin treatment center established to restore your skin to optimum health. We at DERMA CLINIC believe your skin should always look its best.

Our Mission

To provide skin therapy that is SAFE, EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE.

Our Vision

Since starting in private practice almost two decades ago, I have become acutely aware of:

The devastating psychological effects that acne has on the people suffering from the disease, and
the damaging effects of the sun’s radiation on the skin leading to countless cases of premature aging, skin cancers.
All acne treatments have side effects and take a long time to show an improvement. This is compounded by the fact that appointments with dermatologists are not readily available. With the Acleara machine, acne can be treated side-effect free, and an immediate improvement, sometimes a reduction of 70%, can be seen after each treatment. Another advantage of Acleara is that it can be used in conjunction with conventional acne treatment or on its own.

Acne scarring is very disfiguring and should be prevented at all costs. However, scarring does occur, and until now it was very difficult and painful to treat. With Derma Clinic’s new technology, we are able to reduce all types of scars, not just those caused by acne, and also aid in the process of wound healing.

Apart from acne, skin cancers and sun induced skin damaged (photo-damage) is a big problem in South Africa. For this reason, it has become essential to offer effective treatment to counteract the long-term effects of photo-aging and skin cancer. At Derma Clinic the technology to improve photo-aging and treat skin cancer is available as well as the award winning cosmoceutical range NeoStrata and a range of sunscreen products from Heliocare, amongst others.

My goal for DERMA CLINIC is to provide skincare that is safe, effective and affordable in realizing my wish for a healthy skin.

Dr Ilsa Orrey
M.B.Ch.B (UCT). FCP (SA). FCDerm (SA)

Dermatologist and Owner of Derma Clinic


Dr. Ilsa Orrey

Dermatologist and MD of Derma Clinic

Simon Orrey

General Manager

Deborah Gorton

Medical Skin Therapist

Karen Gordon

Office manager